Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tips for a split vegetarian household

I am a vegetarian and I have been for 13 years. When my husband and I started dating I didn't know how to cook meat of any kind, I still don't like touching raw meat, but I have learned how to cook for him so he doesn't starve. For me, making two separate meals is normal, while I was on bedrest my husband told me he didn't know how I did it every day. That was the best compliment I could've gotten from him, just for him to recognize what I do daily. I have been asked if I have any tips to make it easier, so these are my tips:
1. Plan similar meals if possible. For instance I will make Spinach Stuffed Shells one will include pepperoni for my husband the other will not for me. That is the only difference between them so it makes it easier. Another is spaghetti, I make meatballs for him, and plain for me.
2. Make meatless meals that we both enjoy. There are different pasta dishes that we both like so then I only have to cook once on those nights. Toasted ravioli is one that we both like.
3. Baked potato bar, Pizza Bar, or Taco Bar. Prepare everything and put it out and we both make our own. This is fun to do sometimes

4. Make dishes that both need the oven on the same temp so you run it less, or dishes that both use the grill. I love grilled vegetables and I can also grill chicken or hamburgers along with it for him. Lots of meat is cooked in the oven at 400 or 450 and I can make a casserole and put it in along with it, then they are ready at the same time.

5. Do as much prep ahead when get home with groceries or when you have time on weekends. I try to make extra dishes that freeze well and put food into the freezer, then I just pull it out and put it in the oven while I make something for the other person, then it doesn't feel like I'm cooking as much on those nights because I only have to make one meal.

I hope this will help others who are in the a similar situation, I know when we first got married it took a long time for me to figure this out, and lots of things were burned as a result.

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