Saturday, October 17, 2009

Should you compromise?

My siblings are all living in the world, most of them claim to be saved but nothing distinguishes them from everyone else. I believe that Christians should be set apart from the world.

Recently when we have family get togethers if I go I feel very outcasted, a lot of times I don't even get invited anymore or my mom tells me the day of. I know that I don't fit in with them any longer. My husband does not like to go with me because he doesn't like or respect them.

When I do go there are lots of things going on around me that I disagree with and I feel that by being there I am accepting that behavior even if they all know how I feel. I am the youngest of six, and all of them are much older than me. I don't think they see me as an adult yet. If I don't go then my mom will give me a guilt trip for not, she doesn't understand how uncomfortable it is for me.

What do you think, Is it ok to be around people who are engaging in behavior that you do not agree with just because they are family?

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