Friday, February 13, 2009

Fat Burning Friday 2/13/09

I have only bad news to report. We were on vacation last week and while we had a lot of fun and even ate a lot of meals in, we ate out more than I needed to. I didn't want to weight myself until today, but I couldn't resist Monday, and I gained 6 lbs!! So I really tried to be careful about what I ate, and as of this morning I have lost 2 lbs. For some reason I have been really hungry all week so I have been eating more than I would like, but I haven't even started tracking calories or anything yet.

This week I have been in a terrible rut, I just don't feel like doing anything. My husband and I went walking on Monday, then we had tornados and rain in the area on Tuesday and haven't gone the rest of the week.

Andrea over at Mommysnacks has a great post up right now regarding this, check it out here. It was a really great reminder for me that I need to cut sweets and trigger foods out of my diet at least for awhile until I can enjoy them in moderation. So that is one of my goals for next week, the other is to get out and walk more or just move inside my house when I can't get out.

Fat burning pounds lost: 2
Fat burning pounds remaining: 56

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Andrea @ Mommy said...

Vacations do that - argghhh!!!! But, at least two of those pounds came back off!!

Good luck this week and keeping those trigger foods away - it really does work!