Friday, January 30, 2009

Fat Burning Friday 1/30/09

I'm a little late in posting this, I debated not posting at all, but here goes: I still lost no weight. The saddest part is that I really didn't try. I'm disappointed in myself, but it is what it is. We were iced in here in Oklahoma, so I wasn't able to go to the gym all week. My husband and I moved furniture and cleaned while we were iced in and played with our dogs outside as much as we could, but when you are reading, playing board games, and watching tv for the biggest part of the day its hard to lose weight. And I ate way more than I should have. At least I maintained.

I also did not read any of my book, Faithfully Fit. It really helps me to start the day with the devotions geared toward weight loss. But with sleeping in because I was off work, it didn't happen.

Next week we are on vacation. I am hoping to maintain my weight next week as well. My goals are:

  1. I will make healthy choice while eating out
  2. My husband and I will be active together and hopefully we will get to take the dogs out walking too, they need it just as much as I do.

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Becky said...

Hi Sally! I'm sorry I disappeared for awhile. I'm back at the weight loss efforts again, too. I just stopped by to say hi and to cheer you on. Winter is so hard on weight loss! We haven't been iced in, but we had a few weeks of constant fog that wouldn't go away. Now the sun is out and I'm ready to try again. I hope you have a great vacation! : )