Friday, January 16, 2009

Fat Burning Friday 1-15-09

This week in the Faithfully Fit book was about Surrender. Specifically surrendering to Gods will in your life and letting him control you in all areas, including eating and working out. This is eye opening for me, I know that God care for every aspect of my life, but it never dawned on me that he even cares what I eat and how I treat my body. It was a great realization about how terrible I have treated my body by eating foods that I shouldn't. This really helps you rely on God to work in you, and to let him have control. I have been thinking about what I want to eat, and consciously asking what will I gain from eating this, weight or nutrients.

I didn't eat perfectly and I am still struggling with my late night eating habits, but I maintained. And since I could never get myself out of bed to go work out I'm happy with maintaining this week.

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Andrea @ Mommy said...

Wow, surrender. I can definitely use that advice in all aspects of my life!

Good luck keeping at it! Thanks for participating this week. I'll say a prayer for you during the week :-)