Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping with my husband

On Monday I didn't feel like going grocery shopping, but there was a threat of bad weather and we had nothing in our house to survive on if we were shut in for a few days. (The way the weather people were talking that's what was going to happen.) So, I asked my husband to go with me and help me, which he so sweetly did. I had a list planned out, I had a menu planned out, but he doesn't like to go all over town to save money. So we went to Walmart to do the shopping. We got a lot of groceries, things we needed, and things that looked good because we were both hungry when we went. When it was rang up, I only had a few coupons to use, so I knew I wasn't going to like the total. It came to $120. I used $4 in coupons. When we left, I was upset because I knew that I could have gotten better deals at other stores, and spent a lot less. My husband doesn't go shopping with me much because I am willing to go to 3 stores (not far apart) to get good deals. My husband actually made the comment that we haven't done any real grocery shopping in a long time...I do this every week by stockpiling sales and using coupons. He just normally doesn't pick out what he wants, I ask his opinion when I make the menu, and sometimes he tells me what he wants other times he says he doesn't care. I am so used to trying to shop with $50 a week $120 for about a weeks worth of food, and nothing stockpiled seemed crazy to me, but normal to him because that's what we used to do a couple times a month. I love my way of shopping and saving money, and as soon as all the busyness with Christmas is gone I am hoping to get back on a budget of some sort in January.

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