Friday, November 14, 2008

Grocery Shopping 11/11/2008

This week I came in under budget for the first time in a while. I was so excited! I did not get pictures this week.

At Aldi:
Tomatoes 1.49, Strawberries 1.89, Bananas 1.21, Romaine hearts 1.99, Celery 1.19, Green Peppers 1.89, Zucchini 1.99, Meatballs 1.99, Curly fries 1.59, Butter .77, Shredded Cheddar 3.79, Refried Beans .65, Black beans .45

Total: 22.52

At buy for less:
Buttermilk 1.39, Bread 1.18, Self rising flour 1.99, Gravy Mix (3) 2.07, Cucumber .69, Green Onion .50, Yellow onion .48

Total 10.07

At Walgreens:
Glade Wisp 5.99 -3.00
Almay Mascara 6.99 -1.00

Total 9.99 (used gift card)
Rec 8.99 Mail in rebate

Total OOP: 32.59
My actual budget is 50.00 a week. I have been spending way over that so I increased my budget for sales and to stock up on things. I am still working it out but I will use $10-15 for this. This week there was not any good sales so I bought only what was going to be used for my menu.

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