Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Works for me Wednesday 10/8/2008


I have always made lists for everything, and my husband thinks they are unnecessary. My lists help me remember what to do and not get sidetracked. We are putting together a fall festival at our church, we usually help out but this year we are in charge of it. So we made a list of the games, then I made a list of the games plus the materials needed. Then I made another list of just materials that I need so that I can gather them up. He thinks 3 lists for the same thing is ridiculous. I however find it crazy not to.
I have always made a grocery list to go shopping with, if I go into a store without one I get overwhelmed. I don't know what my menu is or what coupons that I have. So I don't buy what I need just the things that I want. At work I make a to do list for the week, then I can cross off or add to the list as needed. The last couple of weeks I have been making lists for things I want to accomplish on Saturdays. It has definitely made me more productive at home.
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What helps you be more productive at home?

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