Tuesday, October 21, 2008

30 days of nothing update

I spent 25 last week on a couple things we needed, and this weekend I went grocery shopping and spent 60. So that means that I have 40 left for the remainder of the month. I am still hopeful that the original 200 will last for the grocery budget. I may have to increase the budget just because I find that I'm not able to stock up on sales that I find with this budget. I will wait until Nov to try to stock up on too many things since I only have 40 left.

I am discouraged because we were not able to put the 600 into savings. We purchased a washer, dryer, and deep freeze for 250. Then we put brakes on the truck for 250. And we had a surprise auto insurance bill. Overall, we probably would have been able to save at least 600 this month had it not been for these things happening. I am thankful that we were doing this because I don't think we would have had the money for these things if we were not.

We have also talked about establishing an entertainment budget. We enjoy going out to eat and we like to go to the movies occasionally. I am trying to cut fast food out of my diet and hoping that my husband will do the same. Its not good for you and it is so expensive anymore, but sometimes it is just so convenient.

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