Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I am a vegetarian, but my husband is not. I usually make seperate meals for both of us. The first one listed is vegetarian meal.

Monday: Falafel Burgers
Tuesday: Manicotti
Manicotti with pepperoni
Wednesday: Hamburger pie
BBQ Chicken
Thursday: leftover hamburger pie
Hot Dogs
Friday: Brown butter balsamic ravioli
Sloppy joes
Saturday: Salsa stoup & Queadillas
Chicken quesadillas
Sunday: Ribs & mashed potatoes
Ribs & mashed potatoes

If there is anything that you would like the recipe for, please let me know


Ginaagain said...

Hi Sally! I have a mixed household also. My older kids chose to eat vegetarian last spring and I've been learning how to keep everyone healthy and happy. It takes a bit more planning but I actually like the challenge. I think I'm going to try your Falafel Burgers instead of the Gardenburgers I have planned for Wednesday. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Making me hungry!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Good ideas. You'll have to submit something once I start my "Christmas carnival"!

Sally said...

Gina-The Falafel burgers are so good, and so easy to make, everything is done in the food processor, I love them.

half pint pixie said...

Those falafel burgers look delish! I am adding them to my "must make" pile of recipes, I think I'll try them next week for Friday burger night. Store bought falafel is so expensive, but I haven't found any recipes that I really like yet, so fingers crossed!