Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Works for me Wednesday

Over at we are that family she is doing Works for me wednesday, the backwards edition. I love the idea of this. So the premise is you ask a question and others try to answer your question.

My question is about gardening. I really want to have a garden this year. I already have an area in my yard that was a garden before I moved in. I know that you need to till (?) the ground, then plant. But how do you know what to plant? What order to plant them in? I tried to make a garden a couple years ago. I did really good and planted stuff, I even kept up the garden for a couple weeks, they started growing, or sprouting a little bit. Then I forgot about them and didn't water them. How often do you water the garden? My friend also told me that I planted fall plants...Whats the difference? I live in Oklahoma, if that matters, I'm not sure. I don't keep things alive very well, I think my dogs are only alive because they whine when they are hungry. I am really a very bright person, but common sense, doesn't work for me, so I need very detailed instructions, which I haven't been able to find. Please help!


mb said...

Hey there! I googled "how to grow a garden Oklahoma" and there were a whole bunch of links to info.

Also, you could just go to a local nursery and just ask them what you could plant that is hardy for your area (not easy to kill!). You need to water every day, especially if you are growing food. Food needs lots of water. Watering in the morning is best. Don't water in the heat of the day because it could burn your plants. I doubt you planted Fall plants b/c I can't imagine that Fall plants were available in the Spring.

Also, depending on what your soil is like you might need to buy some richer soil to mix in. Again, talk to someone at a nursery.

Maybe you have a neighbor that is a good gardener that could give you some advice. I'm a novice gardener myself and I'm always asking other people advice. I'm slowly getting there. I try something new every year to see what works.

Also, you might have to move things around occasionally. I've had to move plants that didn't do well where I planted them (maybe too much or too little sun). You just have to try some things.

Oh yeah, you might want to consider some perennials that come back every year (less work!). We have blueberry and raspberry bushes that come back (and get bigger) every year and it's great. I wish I had enough room to plant some fruit trees, but alas not in my urban backyard.

Good luck!

Lori said...

Thanks for the tips. I have never gone to a nursery, I'll have to do that. The whole task seems so daunting to me, but I'm determined to figure it out this year. I would love to have a fruit tree, but my husband is not willing to help me dig a hole for that because he doesn't want to deal with rotten fruit in the yard with the dogs.