Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday 4/22/09

I received a great product from my prayer pal at church. It's called a Life Journal. It is designed to help you with your bible studies. This is definitely an area that I struggle with. I know that this will help me in my christian life, its hard for me to find time to fit it into my life. When I got this gift on Easter Sunday, I was so excited. This week we have Revival going on at my church, I was really convicted on Monday that I have to read my Bible everyday. So, I came home and turned the TV off and read my Bible before I went to bed. I am a night owl, so for me reading at night works better. So even on a really busy week, with Revival every night, I had time to read my Bible, I'm very proud of myself, its a good start I just got to keep it up.
The Life Journal gives you a one year reading plan. I am giving it a try, but was really unsure if I should start on 4-20 or 1-1. I started on 4-20, but with this reading plan you read 2-3 different books every day. I personally prefer to read multiple chapters in one book, but I'm going to give it a try for a month and see how I feel. The Life Journal has pages for you to write down what you read, they also give you the SOAP acrostic, which is Scripture, Observation, Application to your life, and Prayer. It also has a Table of Contents to record your reading and what you learned so you can quickly and easily refer back to it. The one I received came in a leather cover, but it has a removable book so when I fill up this book I can replace it with a new one.
The Life Journal Works for me in my daily bible reading. To check out more Works for Me Wednesday, check out wearethatfamily

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