Friday, March 13, 2009

Catching up

I have had a really crazy week. So I will quickly update you so you know why I've been so scarce lately.

My truck broke down on Tuesday...We thought it might be the water pump, so we replaced that, and it still overheats after 10 mins of running. So we are going to have to put it into the shop on Monday and have the radiator looked at, hopefully it doesn't cost too much.

I have started going out on visitation, with my church on Saturdays, so now I feel like I don't have any time off, I'm either at work or at church, and its starting to get to me. So I'm trying to relax more in the evenings.

At work, we have gotten really busy and started new stuff so I have 10 things on my desk all the time, and there is always something that doesn't get finished.

So I am hoping that things will calm down very soon, I am also hoping that I will get to go grocery shopping this weekend, because we will have to start eating out if I don't go soon. I really need to start working out again, but I can't seem to fit that in either.

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