Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm

Here in Oklahoma we are having an ice storm. This is my dogs first time to see ice/snow. There is a thick layer on the ground, they love going outside and playing in it. My husband was kicking the snow on them, and they were trying to catch it. It was very fun to watch from inside my warm kitchen. The dogs like to eat the snow and run and slip they really seem to love it.

I do not drive in the ice, so I have been home for 3 days with my husband. We are really getting stir crazy, there is only so much you can do. We cleaned and rearranged 2 rooms. We also got rid of things we no longer need. And we are still bored, with nothing to do. Luckily, the ice is starting to thaw, so hopefully I can go to work tomorrow. I am on vacation next week, and jury duty the week after. So I have a lot of stuff at work to do before leaving for vacation, and I will only have 2 days to do it. Now I think I will take a very relaxing bubble bath, because there is nothing else to do.

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