Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

This is the kitchen edition of Works for me wednesday.

The Debbie Meyer Green Bags work for me in the kitchen. They really do keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. I had Romaine lettuce last for 3 weeks without getting slimy. They are also reuseable. I bought a box for 9.99 at CVS (with one of their great coupons) and it has lasted me going on 2 months now. I love that these actually work. I hate wasting money throwing away vegetables. These are going to be christmas gifts for some of my family.


Heart of Wisdom said...

I wondered if they worked. Thanks so much for the tip. I hate wasting food.
I have two blog post this Tuesday. Photos of our typical morning on my personal blog at and an explanation of Changes at my homeschool blog

Come See Me!

flowerpot said...

I have never heard of these. Thanks for the tip!

kittyhox said...

I've seen these on television but haven't had the nerve to try them. I'll have to take the plunge - thanks for the tip!