Saturday, October 4, 2008

30 days of nothing challenge

We are doing alright with our challenge. My mom and I went out to lunch so I did eat out on Friday which I felt guilty about but how can you say no to your mother. I had to stop at dollar tree to get some envelopes and I bought a bowl from there but it was only $1 (isn't that how we always justify these things). One of the reasons for this challenge is to see how much we can save for this month and to try to stop the consumerism in our lives. We buy way too many things that we don't need so we are wasting money on them. Overall we are doing good and we are on track. I decided to spend $75.00 on groceries this week, I bought quite a bit of stuff so I am going to try to make it last for 2 weeks and maybe I will need to spend $25 next week. I am hopeful that this weekend is the last one that we slip up on. I am hoping that through this challenge we will find that there are things we can live without and that will last for us longer than the month of October.

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