Monday, September 22, 2008

Staying Home

When my husband and I got married 4 years ago I thought it was crazy when people asked if I was going to quit my job. I enjoy my job plus what would I do all day at home? We go to a small church and that was the standard. I had only gone to that church for a short time before we got married so I didn't have the same mindset as others. Now I desire to be at home, and I know exactly what I would do at home all day. My house seems like it is never clean. My husband goes to work very early but gets off by 10 am. I hate leaving for work knowing that he will be home in a couple hours but I won't be able to see him for 9 hours. I feel that while we wait on God to bless us with a child I should work to get our debt paid off. My goal is to be able to be financially free when I get pregnant so that I can quit my job. I know that money is not everything, but it seems to make more sense this way. Eventually I would like my entire paycheck to go into the savings so that I would feel better about quitting. While I desire to be at home I know that I should have my finances in order first. Just because I am not home all day long I still need to keep a clean home for my husband. I also need to be submissive to my husband. The Lord is working on me in these 2 areas of my life which I am thankful for.

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